fogatti rv tankless water heater troubleshooting

Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting [Complete Guide]

This guide on Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting will break down: 

  • 6 RV tankless water heater problems & their solutions
  • Safety precautions you should follow while troubleshooting

So, let’s dive into this guide to explore the solutions to common problems.

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Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting [Common Problems & Solutions]

Here are the problems you may encounter with your RV tankless water heater:

Your RV tankless water heater won’t work or heat the water at all due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Improper Water Pressure
  • Improper Gas Pressure
  • The gas valve isn’t fully open
  • Power supply issue
  • Sensors or fuses get burnt out
  • Clogged burner 

How To Fix: 

Follow these troubleshooting steps if you want the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater to work optimally: 

  • This water heater has a preset or default water pressure requirements to ignite the burner. The minimum and maximum water pressure to ignite the unit is 14.5 PSI-116 PSI. I recommend you have the water pressure between 40-60 PSI for optimal performance. 
  • The inlet gas pressure should also be within specification to allow the water heater to ignite. Ensure the inlet gas pressure (minimum and maximum) is within this range: 8″ WC-13″ WC. However, the rated gas inlet pressure is 11″ WC. Adjust or replace the regulator if this component is defective to gain the optimum gas pressure. Or, hire a certified service guy if you aren’t handy. 
  • Ensure the gas valve is fully open. 
  • Verify that the unit is receiving power. 
  • Check all the wirings, sensors, or electrical components and ensure they don’t get burned out. 
  • Inspect the burner for blockage and clean it if required. 

Your Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater won’t turn on or heat the water if: 

  • Electricity is not on
  • You may not press the power switch 
  • Water pressure doesn’t reach the preset lowest limit
  • Water inlet or outlet gets blocked

How To Fix: 

To let the unit operate smoothly, ensure the electric power to the unit is on. 

Once you verify there is power at the RV tankless water heater, check whether the Power switch is On or Off. If Off, press the Power Switch to start the water heater. 

Next, ensure the water pressure is within specification. The minimum water flow for turning on this water heater is 14.5 PSI. If the water pressure is low, increase the water flow. 

Finally, a restricted water inlet or outlet is also responsible for the unit to not power on. If the water inlet gets blocked, the water flow will reduce.  

Check both the water inlet and the water outlet for blockage and clean the blockage if required. 

Regarding this, turn off the water inlet. Then, take out the water inlet pipe and remove the filter. Clean the filter under running water. Once you clean the filter, reinstall it. 

You will encounter this issue with your Fogatti Tankless Water Heater when the water pressure is too high. 

How To Fix: 

Firstly, reduce water inflow if the water pressure is too high. Then, check whether the air pressure is below standard or not. If not, adjust the air pressure so that it meets the requirements and releases the blockage from the pipelines. 

The outlet temperature will be scalding hot if the water pressure is too low or the ambient temperature is too high. 

How To Fix:

Firstly, adjust the water outlet flowing from the mixing valve water. It will help you decrease the water temperature. You can also lower the temperature by tuning up with the temperature dial. 

The RV tankless water heater will fail to ignite if the hot water flow is too low. Generally, the water flow will be slow if the water inlet and the water outlet get restricted. 

How To Fix:

One gallon of water per minute is the minimum requirement for the unit to ignite. If the water flow is lower than the requirement, check the water inlet and outlet for blockage. Then, clean those water outlets to let the water flow freely. 

When you set the temperature too low or the water flow exceeds the heating capacity of the RV tankless unit, you won’t get sufficient hot water. 

How To Fix:

To resolve this problem, set the ambient temperature to a higher position during winter. Then, adjust the amount of water or reduce the usage a bit so it doesn’t exceed the heating capacity of the water heater. 

Soma Fogatti RV Water Heater models have 20 or 40-minute timing protection to prevent oxygen deficiency. 

If this feature gets activated, the tankless water heater will automatically go out after 20 or 40 minutes. 

To use this water heater again, turn off the tap and use the unit after a while. Forget to mention that you don’t need to turn off the unit to deactivate this feature. 

How To Reset Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater?

Follow these simple procedures to reset the unit:

  • Remove the positive power wire at the battery or the unit
  • Pull out the fuse from the tankless water heater
  • Leave the unit for 15 minutes
  • Reconnect the power and it will reset the unit.

Safety Precautions You Must Follow While Troubleshooting

You must follow the safety guidelines below when troubleshooting your Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater.

  • Before troubleshooting, turn the power off to the tankless water heater by unplugging the power cord. On the other hand, if the unit is powered by gas, turn off the gas supply. 
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation around the unit to prevent exhaust gas from escaping in the RV. 
  • Check for gas leaks before going to light the water heater. If you smell gas, turn the gas supply off and call the gas utility company. 
  • Don’t forget to wear safety gloves and glasses when handling hot components. 


Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater is a great addition to your RV. However, it can be a headache if you get cold water while on an RV adventure. With this troubleshooting guide, you can resolve the common water heater issues.

However, I recommend you call a certified technician if this guide on Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting won’t help you to fix an issue.

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