My name is Sohel Rana and this is my blog.

Helping readers troubleshoot their appliances like RV water heaters and residential water heaters is the purpose behind building this website.

For the last 3 years, I wrote on plumbing, HVAC, and appliance repair & troubleshooting. Plus, I am a DIY nerd who always tries to resolve an issue before hiring a technician. And you will see all the reflections of my experiences I gathered throughout these years in this blog.

Again, I am dedicating all my knowledge and experience to help you with proper information about plumbing and appliance repair.

Why Should You Trust the Info I Present?

I follow the journalism ethics- truth, accuracy, and objectivity to produce each piece of content.

When I choose a topic or a problem related to plumbing or water heaters, I read the manufacturer’s guidelines. Apart from this, I check the videos, communicate with plumbers or certified technicians, or even forums to maintain the accuracy of the info.

I also provide credentials to let you claim whether the information is accurate.
In short, I am an authentic person who provides authentic value that will help people.

Again, I am human and write for humans. That’s why I don’t use AI-generated content (emotionless).

To sum up, I want to connect with you, feel the pain you have, and want to help you by resolving problems related to water heaters, plumbing, or appliances.