fogatti tankless water heater e5 error code

Fogatti Tankless Water Heater E5 Error Code

Fogatti Tankless Water Heater E5 Error Code means fan failure. The control board detects no fan signal during start-up or water heater operation. It occurs when: 

  • There is no fan voltage
  • Defective wind pressure switch
  • Bad control board

Below, I will describe every troubleshooting step to detect the culprits and how you can fix this issue. 

Without further ado, let’s scroll down. 

Troubleshooting Fogatti Tankless Water Heater E5 Error Code

Here are the three possible reasons behind fan failure: 

The fan voltage on your Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater is insufficient. Because of this, the fan won’t operate. 

Now, the question is- how can I determine whether the fan is getting sufficient voltage? Follow the steps below to test the fan voltage: 

  • Turn on the power switch and turn on the line controller. 
  • Find the red and blue connection wires on the controller.
  • Adjust the multimeter to the DC200V setting and measure the connection line voltage. 
  • The voltage should be 24V when the RV tankless water heater starts up. 

If the voltage reading goes out of specification, call a certified electrician or Fogatti Customer Service at +1 877 216 1818. 

The RV tankless water heater can also throw the error code E5 due to a faulty wind pressure switch. 

You can detect whether the wind pressure is at fault by testing it electrically. 

To test the wind pressure switch, turn on the power switch and the line controller. 

Disconnect the air pressure switch connecting wire terminals and leave them disconnected. 

Next, connect the water source after the unit gets started. The fan will operate normally. But the heck is- the ignition needle doesn’t discharge and flash the error code E5. 

On the second test, disconnect the water source and connect it again. Wait for the unit to start, and the fan will run normally. Touch the connecting wires together, and the ignition needle will begin to discharge.

Your RV tankless water heater shows the E5 fault, but test 1 and test 2 can match the above description. 

It indicates the wind pressure switch is at fault, and you need to replace this part to resolve the issue. 

A defective control board can also be the culprit behind the E5 fault code. When this component is at fault, it interrupts the normal operating condition and flashes the error code E5.

To reset this error code, you must replace the faulty control board with a new one. Fortunately, I have published an article on the Fogatti Tankless Water Heater E8 Error code, where I break down the replacement procedure of the control board. 


Fan failure is what the error code E5 on the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater indicates. It happens due to insufficient fan voltage, defective wind pressure switch, or faulty control board. 

Go along with the troubleshooting steps I mentioned, and they will help you reset the error code E5. Call a certified service guy if you can’t resolve the fault following the guidelines. 


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